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Regional Industrial Association – Kardzhali

  • Address: 4, „G.S. Rakovski” St. BG – 6600 Kardzhali, Bulgaria
  • Phone: +359 888 88 15 30
  • Fax:
  • Email Address: isa_kj@mail.bg, alcommerce@abv.bg , partners.ltd_ofis@abv.bg
  • Website:

Regional Industrial Association – Kardzhali

The main objectives of the Regional Industrial Association – Kardzhali:

  • Represent and protect the interests of its members before the state, public and international bodies and organizations;
  • Cooperate for the development of the market economy, the sustainable and qualitative growth;
  • Support the development for the realization of an effective and prosperous business activity;
  • Represent and protect employers at local, municipal, regional, district, branch, sub-sector, national and international levels;
  • Work for limiting administrative burden on economic activity and eradicating corruption practices;


For the achievement of its objectives the Regional industrial association – Kardzhali:

  • Work up strategies and draft laws in the field of economy development and management;
  • Prepare opinions and suggestions for the amendment and supplement of the acting rules and regulations;
  • Participate in the sitting of the consultative councils at the governmental bodies;
  • Study the conditions for intensive civil and commercial exchange, and the possibilities for the commercial subjects to take part in it;
  • Introduce and maintain new systems, forms and methods of training, retraining and improving the skills and qualifications of its members, develops competency models of occupations and job positions.